1. Updates

With all services, there will be posted updates every 48 hours! This is to ensure you, the client, will be kept up to date with how far along your service(s) are coming and when they can be expected.

2. Time

Work is typically done within 3-5 business days, depending on the service being done. Expedited orders are also available, but does require a higher deposit. Expedited is any service asking to be done within a 72-hour (3-day) notice.

3. Contact

During business hours, we can be contacted by cell at 216.855.8865 or by email at a.okaywriting@gmail.com. In the event you are inquiring about services after the posted business hours, please fill out the contact form. Text messages, phone calls, or emails sent after the posted business hours, will be answered the following business day. Thank you!

4. Payment

We no longer accept 50% deposit for services. Services MUST be paid in full at time of the order. Expedited services require a $40 flat fee, not included in total pricing for service. This fee also applies for any Writing Assignment Bundle Deal given with less than a 15 day notice.

5. FYI

These policies are effective until stated otherwise and an attached copy will also be included upon receipt of payment of deposit.